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Flashing Banner Ads CAN Cause
migraine headaches. TRUE!

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'What Men Want To Tell Women'

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HEY! I got back in here and UPDATED IT!

Winter 2007:
The Desk gives the Debate of Global Warming its full treatment "We're warming up... but!"

the US election for 2008

the 2007 Farpoint Convention a photo essay.

The Secret War In Oliphant Furnace

"So we look for an ice chest sized wooden box." Debby said.
Kyle grinned. "With 'Secret Nazi Death Ray' written on it in German."
"Yeah." David nodded. "Exactly."
A Story In Three Times.

Thank You

Next Exit: Gas, Food, Logic

This is where the WELCOME PAGE would be if I had a Welcome Page.
But I don't so...

There's a Quote about that!

"Three Weeks in 1961"... The Rat Pak

OLD Photo essays. RELAY FOR LIFE 2002. With Pictures!

Posted on Geocities... due to bandwidth issues with the pictures. Why the Desk doesn't work as a Photographer.
The Desk goes to Sixth Grade Field Day with a Teacher of the Year.
Both have far more photos that your average Desk Write up!

The Body Mass Index, the Hulk, and the Desk.

A reader on the Left Coast corrected the Desk on the Daffodil Letter on the Urban Legend and SPAM page.

What's wrong with OUR Government... The Free Electricity Scam... Deadly Fries?...

DELIVERING and FOUNDER in Christian Sci Fi.
A really cool new graphic at the bottom of the LINKS page.
Something new on Swan's page in OTHERS.

The Desk Goes RUSSIAN!

A Good OLD FASHIONED American Spleen Venting about the Desk's BOSS On the DESK's Russian site!

Big Ted and Gene's Dream A look at the DREAM presented by STAR TREK in the shadow of the Attack on America!

MANY UPDATES on the Desk Main Site.

The Best of the WEB updated March 2002.
New Link on the Links page (neat place for it huh?) Up All Night Online BBS.
Fiction- LORD'S LUNATIC Dirty Dishes and the Gospel.
Politics- Enron: Money, Power, Corruption, but no SEX???

Many other updates, including the humor classic... Charlie's Truck!

The DESK isn't ABOUT writing and journalism. It IS writing and journalism.

NOTE: The Media Desk does not endorse, recommend, or sponsor...
nor is it sponsored by, ANY of the banner advertisers on TRIPOD or its affiliates.

Pictures from the Little Creek Fire Company Community Day
And Marsh Fire!

The Media Desk.

SPAMMERS beware!
Urban Legends and Virus Hoaxes debunked at no extra charge... HERE.

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Stuff from The Media Desk main site.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
The Jonathan Edwards Sermon

How to tell you are naked without looking
From the Desk.

Nice Contrast of articles no?

Check out the Restroom Article.

Dr Thompson shooting a typewriter

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson curing writer's block for good!

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